Dr. Rebekah Fenton MD, MPH, FAAP (she/her) is a general pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist. She is an emerging leader in health-equity focused medicine through her passionate care for marginalized youth, speaking and writing-based advocacy, and innovative leadership.

In an effort to act locally and share globally, she grounds her work in her local context of Chicago and pediatrics/adolescent medicine to inspire others to work right where they are.

Adolescent Health

Dr. Fenton is dedicated to serving adolescents through comprehensive, youth-centered, and strength-based healthcare while advocating for their unique health needs.

Black Liberation

Black youth experience significant inequities in the same systems that were created to support them. Dr. Fenton centers their experiences and work to help them thrive.

She also advocates for diversity in medicine and spaces of belonging for all marginalized groups.

Health Communication

Healthcare’s effectiveness is limited by our communication with patients, families, and the public at large. Dr. Fenton educates providers about respect and cultural humility through writing and speaking.

About Me

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Previous Work

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