Op-Eds & Policy Recommendations

We Ignore the Pain of Black Children March 23, 2021 (Education Week)
Many Black and Minority Students Aren’t Properly Prepared for Medical School. I Was One of Them. March 9, 2021
Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on young people’s lives. We owe it to them to see this through. January 27, 2021
Why the coronavirus vaccine may not be accessible for the people who need it most December 18, 2020
Promoting Equity and Inclusion in Adolescent Medicine September 2020

Personal Narratives

I’m a Black Doctor. I feel the Weight of Representing my Community October 14, 2020
“I Am Tired”: What Black Doctors Need You to Know Right Now June 12, 2020

Published Blog Posts

How Pediatricians Can Help Create Safe Spaces for Black Youth February 12, 2021 (AAP Voices Blog)
The Baby Dedication June 3, 2019 (OpMed Blog)

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