Dr. Fenton’s speaking experience includes invited talks for conferences, educational sessions or panels for community organizations and student groups, and Pediatric Grand Rounds.

See below for a sample of Dr. Fenton’s presentations:

As a part of a vaccination education initiative through the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Fenton reviewed vaccinations given in the adolescent age group.
Through a partnership between the American Academy of Pediatrics and YouTube, Dr. Fenton was invited to join a discussion with Youtuber Hailey Sani and girls’ rights activists for The Day of the Girl about relationship safety (above) and menstruation (below)
Dr. Fenton presented “Black Girl Body Love” along with the Period Doctor, Dr. Charis, at the Uniquely You Summit, a conference focused on Black girls
In response to the Summer 2020 uprisings in Chicago after the murder of Adolescent Medicine, Dr. Fenton developed a talk, “Racial Inequity and Violence in Chicago”, summarizing readings about Chicago’s history and how they informed present-day challenges
In April 2019, Dr. Fenton was selected to speak at ScienceTalk, a national conference about science communication, in Portland, Oregon titled, “Breaking the Mold: Communication in Medicine”